Security Solutions

Terrorism and general civil unrest has become a significant threat to the peace and security of many countries around the world. Corporations, governments, and the general population are increasingly vulnerable to attacks which can greatly hamper infrastructure and tourism initiatives. Infrastructure development creates a virtuous cycle whereby improved infrastructure, such as better roads, facilitates trade, which in turn, has a direct positive impact on overall economic growth and leads to more infrastructure development. Additional direct benefits include expanded health facilities, reliable and widespread access to electricity, as well as proper roads, port development and improved water and sanitation facilities.

Our Security Services, along with our strategic partners, are made up of Tier One and Special Operations trained professionals that are routinely deployed to low, medium, and high-risk areas world-wide. We deliver cost-effective security and planning assessments to public and private enterprises world-wide. Our highly-trained professionals are experts in implementing procedures for assessing and reducing risk.

Vulnerability Assessments

We analyze current security conditions at government, residential, and commercial facilities and identify potential vulnerabilities. We evaluate the threats and proceed to recommend, as well as assist you in executing countermeasures.

Site Security Guard Force Training and Management

Our Security Forces provide fixed-site security guard force training for low-to high-risk environments. All fixed-site guard personnel are trained and managed by our personnel.

Special Reaction Force Training

A quick reaction force is a unit poised to respond on very short notice. Whether you are looking to train your hotel security staff or a government organization looking to improve on its efficiency and effectiveness, our security services stand ready to meet your training needs.

Executive Protection

Our firm’s executive protection and corporate security expertise has enhanced the safety and privacy of some of the world’s most important government and corporate officers.