The complex business, social, and environmental issues that our world is faced with today requires individuals that understand that the status quo of yesterday will simply not work. As technology and international competition increases, major changes are becoming necessary to survive. Today’s successful executives face a multitude of demands and clearly understand the complexities in which he or she has to cope with on a daily basis. Our internship program mirrors the real world complexities that executives are currently experiencing.

The assignments that each of our interns are given are real. We invest a considerable amount of time providing purpose, direction, and motivation to each and every intern. They are challenged continuously throughout the duration of their program and are provided feedback from various members within our company.

As one of our interns, you can expect to communicate via face-to-face, telephone, or email. It is also a 100% chance that you will be interfacing with the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Division Chiefs, Directors, and other members of the company, as well as our strategic partners, throughout your program.

At the end of your program we will provide you with a comprehensive report that will detail your accomplishments during the program. Did you complete assignments on time? Did you ask for help when you needed it? Were you a “team” player? Did you dress appropriately? Were you truly engaged in solving complex business problems? Did you get along with customers, other interns, and our company leadership?

As intense as our intern program is, we do believe that you will be well-prepared to take on the many challenges that lie ahead, and we look forward to working with you!