Amid the growing demand for worldwide economic development, climate change, environmental and global security concerns are at the forefront of virtually all government and business entities. At COTTON7 Global Enterprises we believe that we, along with our strategic partners and innovate clean technology solutions, can make a difference in alleviating most of these concerns.

Our success is primarily based on solving environmental and infrastructure problems both domestically and internationally. Whether you are looking to build a climate resistant road, prevent soil erosion, or contain nuclear, chemical, and pipeline leaks from migrating, we at COTTON7 Global Enterprises have the solutions to support your strategic growth agenda, while at the same time substantially reducing your carbon footprint.

At COTTON7 Global Enterprises, our humanitarian and community service efforts are at the core of our corporate culture. Our mission to help build a better world is centered on aggressively identifying, developing, and bringing to market innovations that will both create economic prosperity and at the same time protect the environment.


Innovations that will create economic prosperity & environmental sustainability.


Strategic alliances support our efforts in the development of new technologies.


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Clean Technology Development

Creating Clean Technology Jobs to solve the world's complex environmental problems.

Water For South Sudan

Providing clean water and opportunity to remote areas of South Sudan.


Our intern program will prepare you to take on the many challenges that lie ahead.

Security Solutions

Corporations, governments, & general population are increasingly vulnerable; hampering infrastructure & tourism initiatives.


Running the race for global market leadership requires diverse and expansive skills, resources, and technological expertise.

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